About Thatch Gazebo Factory

Thatch Gazebo Factory are Australia’s largest factory manufacturer of the highest quality range of thatch kit form Bali thatch huts, African thatch huts, timber shingle huts, colour-bond timber huts, thatch umbrella’s, timber decks. We have over 20 years experience in the thatch industry and now you can buy direct from the manufacturer that supplied retailers previously, so saving you thousands of dollars.

Thatch Gazebo Factory Australia Huts, Umbrellas and Timber Decks are a great way to enhance your lifestyle with unique character and atmosphere in your very own backyard, business or residential setting. This is resort style living!

At Thatch Gazebo Factory Australia we specialising thatch products only and are committed to providing the best quality structures at Australia’s best prices. As a manufacturer of quality thatch products for over 20 years we stand by our product and guarantee you will be satisfied with the end result.

We have a large variety of products to suit all needs and budgets, and we are so confident of our prices we will not only match the price of any comparable product we will beat it !!! please email us your competitors quote so we can beat it guaranteed on any price. The Competitors will give you all sorts or reasons why you should by from them, and make excuse why our huts are not as goods as their’s, because we beat them hands down on price and quality! They have to find reasons to justify their high prices for example the colour of the string white, black, brown it does not make any differences on quality, this is a myth!!! We used to sell through retailers but they are charging too much so now we only sell direct from our factory to you the customer online so you the customer save $1000’s.

We can delivery from our Melbourne-Brisbane -Bundaberg -Sydney- Adelaide – Hobart – Perth warehouses – Australia Wide – Right to your door step at no extra cost, again you save!

As a factory manufacturer we are able to provide you with the best possible prices on DIY kits. Not only that, we can also custom make structures to suit your needs ,We are so confident in the quality of our structures we have a 30 year structural guarantee, 30 year termite proof guarantee, 30 year no rot guarantee on all structures purchased. We understand that in today’s market conditions it may not be easy to find the money to afford a new thatch hut, but don’t worry. We have a range of Lay-by options available.

We can also provide a range of thatching options for existing structures.

Using traditional methods combined with today’s ingenuity thatching has become the most attractive and natural form of roofing available. Its flexibility proves almost limitless possibilities concerning shape and design. Thatch provides excellent insulation at extreme temperatures and gives you that open, natural style that makes it so unique. This coupled with the anesthetic beauty of thatch makes it a must for anyone trying to achieve a resort feel without having to pay resort prices.

Thatch is 5-10 degrees cooler than any other shade material. There are a range of sizes and designs to suit any setting. DIY kits are available for the home handyman with easy-to-follow instructions included.

When you purchase one of our thatch products you will enhance your lifestyle with character and atmosphere. The thatch with its charm is not only elegant and attractive in appearance, but also offers a cool and peaceful aura which will enhance any recreational area.